A Prosperity Ritual

Prosperity and Abundance are states of mind. When we are in alignment with what abundance really means and feeling the most prosperous within ourselves and our hearts.

When we feel we are a source of abundance deep within us, that is when we are best placed to receive abundance.

When we give out abundance then we are best placed to have it come to us.

And it is when we are in the space of feeling like we are not having, this is the time to do something to start feeling wealthy.

We always have a lot more than what we believe we have. We may want more but if we have our health, if we have a home, if we have love in our lives, if we have self love, if we have a spiritual connection, if we have the land, the sky, the waters, we have so much in our lives.

This little ritual is about feeling abundant and trusting that what you need shall come to you.

  1. Spend a few moments in meditation. Sit in gratitude and focus on all the things you have in your life.  Give thanks for all that you have until you have gone through everything you can think of.
  2. Get some spare change, something that you can afford to spend without it causing you pain right now. It could be £5 it could be something more or less.
  3. Place the money in an envelope and write a message on the front.
  4. The message is for the person that shall find this envelope. So something along the lines of here is a gift for you, enjoy this, if you need this help yourself etc etc. Pick something that feels authentic and heart led.
  5. Go on a long walk in nature and spend time tuning in to your inner self and the land.
  6. At a time on your walk when it feels right leave the envelope someplace it could be stumbled across.
  7. Leave it in the knowing that who needs this the most at this time shall find this. And that you are in such a space of gratitude that you are able to gift something in faith that when you need it the most to all your needs shall be met too.
  8. Sit back and enjoy this act of self love