About Amber


Dearest One, hello, It is with my utmost joy that I share these ways of healing and empowerment with you all. 

I am trained in Usui Reiki ( levels 1 and 2), Angelic Reiki ( to Master Teacher Level), White Time Healing, Multi Dimensional Healing, Past Life Healing, Karma clearing, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.  I am also a fully trained Shamanic Practitioner. I have been running my private healing practice for 10 years.

My journey has been rich. As a child I used to have prophetic dreams and feel energies, at age 5 I started putting my hands on people to try and send healing. As I grew older I silenced that voice in many ways, some destructive. It didn’t work, the call just grew louder.

I studied Law at University, then worked as a Publishing Assistant before pursuing a passion and training in Acting. I worked in the industry as an actress and producer for over 15 years, an incredible journey where I learned so much. In 2008 I trained in Reiki, became Reiki Master in 2009 and Reiki Master Teacher in 2010. At the same time I began my shamanic training in this land, working with many teachers from across the globe and with plant medicine.

Over the years my way of healing has evolved to take into consideration the demands of a city like London and the many international requests I was getting. I now mainly use Skype or Zoom so anyone can connect with me from anywhere in the world. It is truly exciting  to offer healing in this way.

I have run Red Tent Circles, Meditation Circles, Shamanic Journeying Workshops, drumming circles at Occupy London and at St Mungo’s, as well as storytelling circles with men and women from all ages and backgrounds.

I am a published poet and a sound artist, still tread the boards from time to time and paint. This fusion of the creative and the spiritual means I have gained a unique window into the merging of these 2 worlds. Many of those I assist are artists, writers, healers, performers and in the arts. 

For me healing is about our journey to self, and the healer is the guide along the path who helps us navigate our way.

The practices I share I have walked. Over a decade of inner healing, training, self development, travelling, growth, and many dark nights of the soul have led me to this sacred space of healer and teacher. I know very well what it is to work through the wounds of the past, and my life is living proof that it can be done and on the other side lies true knowing of self (gnosis).

There is much I have overcome and in dedication to those I work with I continue to deepen my practice in regular retreats, supervision sessions and by seeking ever more to fully come to know myself and love myself.

I bring all of my talent and mastery to each session and only work with those who are 100% committed to their desire to change and grow and come into alignment with their truth.

My deepest heart desire is that we all come to know that sacred space within and from there truly dance our beauty and truth out into the world.

And so it is. And so it shall Be.