Ancestral Healing Course


This powerful course is here to assist you to heal your ancestral lines.

Our ancestors can be our greatest allies in this lifetime, they set the trails for us. Oftentimes their stories can interfere with the life we wish to live, we find ourselves repeating patterns of our forefathers and foremothers

This life changing course is inspired by shamanic healing practices I have used in sessions and in my own healing journey

Please make space and time in your life to honour the process and you may find it useful to journal through the process.

You shall receive:

  • Instructions on the process
  • 2 rituals for healing the male line
  • A sound healing to heal and clear the male line 
  • 2 rituals for healing the female line
  • A sound healing to clear and heal the female line 
  • 2 rituals to integrate both lines
  • A sound healing for integrating both lines

Everything shall be sent automatically in a drop box file, so please use the most up to date email address and check spam settings/files.

Disclaimer: No refunds or exchanges are provided. You agree to take full responsibility for your own healing process.