An Apology from the Feminine to the Masculine

As we stand in this space of stillness and the sacred we take a moment to connect to all those women we have come from and all those men we have come from.

We stand now as sisters, as women aware of our lineages and the women who came before us, who stand behind us.

We face the men of our community and we say these words, these amends from the heart.

“Im sorry for all the times I rejected you and made you feel like you were not good enough.

Im sorry for all the times I mocked you and lied to you

For all the times I cheated on you and took for granted your loyalty and love for me

Im sorry for the ways in which I used my energy to manipulate you, how I used my body to torment you or trick you, Im sorry for making union with me something to be feared

Im sorry for all the time I controlled you and played you, all the times I laughed at you and behind your back with my friends and gave away the deepest parts of our connection to them

Im sorry for the pain you may have felt in my womb, Im sorry for the lack of mothering I gave you, the times I let you cry, the times I neglected you so you grew up to believe that your pain was not important and no one would ever come if you cried out.

Im sorry that you were left alone on the battlefield time after time not knowing if you would have me to come home to, if you would die alone and anyone would care.

Im sorry I put pressure on you to bring more and more money in

Im sorry I flirted with your friends, slept with the men you knew to hurt you or make you jealous

Im sorry I belittled your dreams and put you down

Im sorry my beautiful brave warrior for not honouring your sensitivities and your heart enough

Im sorry, I love you, please forgive me


Feel into these words and if you are in union with our Beloved use them to get closer and clear the baggage of the ancestors that may be holding you back.

So it is.