An Apology from the Masculine to the Feminine


We acknowledge it is time to make amends

We bow to the Goddess and the Feminine in all her glory and say:

Im sorry for abusing you, for raping you, for beating you, for hurting you

Im sorry for not listening to your body, to your needs, to your desires for gentleness for intimacy for softness

Im sorry for all the times I left you alone and scared not knowing if there was money coming in, if you were safe

Im sorry for all the times I lied to you, chose other women over you, flaunted these women to you

Im sorry for the ways in which I disrespected our union, the ways in which I penetrated you and your life, and then walked away so you would never hear from me again

Im sorry I was not the father you needed, the brother, the lover, the friend, the Beloved

Im sorry for the fear I inflicted on you and the ways in which I stole your virginity, stole your childhood and raped the land by pillaging resources

Im sorry for not opening up to you, for closing you out

Im sorry for raising my voice to you in such a way you lost your own

Im sorry for not honouring your ebbs and flows, for mocking you to other men

Im sorry for objectifying you, for creating dark spaces where men could come and leer over you and throw money at you because thats all you were worth

Im sorry for belittling you and stopping you from following your dreams

Im sorry for trapping into situations that caused you pain

Im sorry for misusing my power to hurt you

Im sorry for pushing you away

Im sorry for not protecting you when you needed it the most, for blowing up your homes and loved ones in the name of something

Im sorry for using you as a weapon in warfare for using your body hurt a people

Im sorry for dishonouring your womb, your yoni, for making you feel you were not beautiful

Im sorry, please forgive me, I love you.


Use these words with your Beloved or as deep reflection to heal the stories of our collective pasts.