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Topics include:

Reiki, Shamanism, Self Love ,Twin Flames, Ritual, Healing wounds and core wounds, Shamanic Healing explained, Angelic Reiki explained, Connecting to Spirit, Self Care, The Power of Prayer, How to bring change into our lives, Space clearing, and more…


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Audio Tutorials

These  audio tutorials will guide you on a variety of areas that come up often in the healing journey. If there is something you would like to hear more about please drop us an email.

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Ancestral Healing

This audio tutorial shall take you through what ancestral healing is, why it is so crucial to our wellbeing and for our planet and how to start the process of healing for ourselves and our ancestors.

Guided journeys and rituals are shared that you can start right away.

Length: 39 mins 44 seconds



Staying energetically clear


How to keep your vibration high and stay energetically clear.

This tutorial is jam packed with practices you can use every day as well as a guided meditation to assist you in the process.

Vital for the current energies.

Length: 48 mins, 28 seconds



How to Connect to Spirit


This tutorial covers what we mean by connecting to Spirit and to the Spirit World, how to do this, some practices and rituals you can use now. As well as how to start gaining discernment about what to connect to and how to ensure you are connecting to the highest form of guidance at all time.

Packed with information. There was a lot to cover!

Length: 58 mins 51 seconds



The Inner Child and Healing


What is our inner child, do we all have one, why do we have one, do we have more than one, and why is it important to heal our inner child? Are some of the questions covered.

Also includes a guided meditation to connect to your inner child and a ritual you can start today to begin the healing process.

Inner child healing is profound work and this is a good introduction to the work.

Length: 49 mins, 42 seconds


What’s my Life Purpose? Part One

This question comes up a lot, we can feel lost in the world if we do not feel we are working towards a greater purpose. Part 1 is a gentle introduction to how you can start to understand what a life purpose could be for you and how to get clarity on that.

Also includes a guided meditation in gaining clarity on your life purpose.

Part 2 shall go into greater detail on refining this.

Length: 38.04 mins