Be Human

What we judge in the world and run from is in us.

What we say we do not want to be is what we fear to discover in us.

I trained as an actress and the joy of this has been embracing aspects in every day life one never gets to explore safely. Actors and artists explore what it would be like to kill, to hate, to grieve, to be wild, to let go, to do something they would never do in every day life. So there is a real pushing of self and boundaries. This is healthy

Too often I see the same thing. A person rather than embrace their sadness or anger starts “being positive” because they read a book that said our thoughts create our world. They do, but that includes the thoughts we consciously have and the ones we unconsciously have also. So all that stuff you bury deep down its not gone away its there and its your shadow. And the stuff you present to the world, your mask, well really I dont want to hang out with a mask, I want to spend time with people who are REAL and not afraid to be real.

If you want to be sweetness and light ALL the time go back to being spirit- we came here to experience polarity. So experience for goodness sakes!

If you need to call yourself an Earth Angel or a Light Worker well thats a mighty big chain you are wrapping around you. That means you are unable to be anything other than love and light. Are you kidding me? Who IS that ALL the time for real?

I swear, I fart, I burp, I hate, I love, I get jealous, I desire, I mess up and fall down all the time. Oh and yes I also meditate, do yoga, heal others and teach reiki, love deeply, transcend this dimension etc etc, But Im no perfect being of light, Im a human being. I am here to have a human experience.

Be human!