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Can I even talk to a woman now? #metoo

Am I allowed to talk to a woman? Brothers who ask this question are missing the whole point of #metoo let alone what women have been asking for centuries Yes of course you can talk to a woman, what you cannot do under any circumstances in no particular order is: Subjugate her humiliate her sexualise Read More


Be Human

What we judge in the world and run from is in us. What we say we do not want to be is what we fear to discover in us. I trained as an actress and the joy of this has been embracing aspects in every day life one never gets to explore safely. Actors and Read More


Shine Your Light

After any dark time the light always comes. I remember my first vision quest. That seemed like the longest night of pain. Alone in the woods, crying and seeing all my past shadows come back to haunt me. I prayed for that moon to move across the sky and for daylight. And then finally, finally Read More


Love Conquers All

“Love Conquers All”- I have this up on my wall at home. Because I truly believe it does. A common theme I have seen since January is heart ache. The majority of my clients are women but I also have heard my male clients tell me the same. The theme seems to be this. Two Read More


A Prosperity Ritual

Prosperity and Abundance are states of mind. When we are in alignment with what abundance really means and feeling the most prosperous within ourselves and our hearts. When we feel we are a source of abundance deep within us, that is when we are best placed to receive abundance. When we give out abundance then Read More