Love A Racist

Shouting unity does not create unity. Shouting “**** off Farage” is as bad as shouting “go back to where you came from” Lets not become hypocritical evangelists on a crusade that actually means very little We all have the potential in us to hate and to be narrow minded. So you love immigrants, do you Read More


Shouting Love Wins Isn’t Love

If we have to shout about Love, then we are not spreading love. If we are angry at the racists we are not love, if we are running from our own shadows choosing instead to see them in others, that is not love and that is not enlightenment. Love accepts all and love sees that Read More


Be Human

What we judge in the world and run from is in us. What we say we do not want to be is what we fear to discover in us. I trained as an actress and the joy of this has been embracing aspects in every day life one never gets to explore safely. Actors and Read More