If you don’t like what Trump stands for BE THE CHANGE

If you dont like what Trump stands for create something NEW. Is he stopping you from menstruating? Placards saying Menstruate not Menstru-hate. Are you kidding me? You want to bleed and honour your moon flow go do it, no one can stop you from doing that! Is he stopping you from creating sacred space in your home, from recycling, from saving rain water, from growing organic veg , from going vegan, from loving your neighbour, from educating young children with love and unity, go volunteer, go travel the world and work with the disadvantaged and wake more women up and men, go create works of art and showcase them in pop up spaces, go sing songs and bang drums and gather your community together and teach inclusion and unity, if you dont like it CHANGE it. Shouting and screaming is infantile, its the child looking to the parent to do better, there is no parent to kiss this better- YOU have to make it better, not by bashing fists and getting angry but by creating something so beautiful so light and love filled that ALL shall want to be a part of that, something so powerful that it shall outshine all the darkness and folly of these times.

We have always had our Trumps we have always had those who preach hate but that does not mean we have to keep fighting it like headless chickens and waste all that passion and energy on a fight that is not set up for us to win. CREATE SOMETHING NEW. Be mindful of the language you use, go within and ask am I really that accepting of ALL. If you love women but mistrust muslims you are as bad as trump, if you love muslims but laugh at “fat” people you are as bad as Trump, if you love all shapes and sizes but get irritated at those you think are not as clever/well spoken as you/educated as you as you/posher than you, you are as bad as Trump. Trump is judgement and until we have rid ourselves of that sickness we are all as bad as him.

Wake up, get into a space of authenticity and true soul searching, no one is stopping you from going and sitting with a tree and connecting to the land, no is is stopping you from the basic rights that give you your power to connect to the land, to connect to your heart, to be at one with the flow of the seasons, the land the cycles, the infinite power of this universe, everything else is a symptom of a deeper disconnect.

Watch the peoples of Standing Rock they do not come with rage in their hearts, they come with a desire to find a middle way, warriors of the heart,not of the ego, not of them and us. There is no them and us when it comes to living on this planet, that mentality will kill us all and it is. For the planet shall survive she shall out last us all and all our petty imaginings of how important we think we are, lost in our maya.

When you find your true authentic power you shall be out there empowering and freeing and healing and helping all every day with focus and attention and then nothing and no one can ever be a force to be reckoned with. Shouting at men to respect a woman will not make men respect a woman. But dialogue will help, but asking how we got here and how we can come into balance within, in our minds, our homes, our communities is the start. I want to see mindful action, mindful resistance everything else is fluff and it is not worthy of much attention.

I know very well what its like to have your rights taken away and I know very well what it means to be overpowered by male misogyny but still anger wont solve anything- I bow down to all those true heart open souls making a difference every day by BEING THE CHANGE not being the rage.