You don’t need a dating guru you just need your highest self

Dating Guru’s. Wow! I am amazed. This is big business!

There are websites and online guides on how to get a man/woman, how to use strategy to get the man to commit to you, how to use strategy to get the woman to chase you. Are you kidding me?

There are no rules in Sacred Union, other than we are coming into balance and a place of unconditional love. We are balancing the male and female in us, and so bringing harmony to our lives and to this planet.

We do not play a strategy to get a man, we do not hold back from jumping in to play a game. IF a woman does that it’s because it comes naturally and she is honouring her womb and her true divine self. But there may be times it feels right to jump in and make the first move.

I know plenty of couples where the man proudly says she chased me, and other couples where the woman says he chased me.You know what there is no ONE way there is only the way that works in total harmony with your truth. Align with Sacred Union, align with your highest self and all else shall flow.

The Sacred Union Sessions or the meditations can really help, please have a look hereĀ