Energy Clearing/Block Clearing


This work is focused on clearing and bringing you back to a space of inner power and knowing.

Everything is and has an energy and often negative speak or actions can have an impact on the energetic system, sometimes leaving a person feeling weak, confused or in a “dark space”. The work clears attachments, curses, and other blocks to being in one’s power.

It is a really good idea to start with this work before going onto the deeper energy healing sessions, core wound healing or sacred union sessions.

This works assists you if:

You have come out of a difficult break up

Feeling stuck or confused

Facing financial blocks or blocks to abundance

Feeling stuck in your relationships

Repeating patterns of behaviour that are detrimental

Have had a series of negative interactions with people, or a series of nasty arguments which feel like they have left a residue

Are feeling blocked or hampered in your life

What you shall receive

A personalised set of mantras/affirmations as well as specific rituals to work with to clear yourself. Everything shall be in accordance with your own belief system. You shall follow the clearing process for a number of days. At the end of which the clearing shall be complete and the block cleared. It really can be that simple. It requires a commitment and focus from you, if given, the rewards are huge.

How to book in:

In the first instance please use the link below to make payment, then send me an email with one area of your life you wish to clear. We are only able to work on one area at a time.

I will undertake a shamanic journey on your behalf and gain guidance for you.

This process happens via email only, all the notes are sent to you as clear and concise word documents for you to refer to and keep.

£222 per session

Please note after September the block clearing work shall not be available as a single session. It shall form part of the empowerment calls.


This podcast explains more about the work