Core Wound Healing

 The Core Wound Healing Sessions combine energy healing with guided journeys and ancient rituals to create transformation

How can the Core Wound Healing Sessions help you

These are the most in depth sessions I offer. Together we uncover what may be holding you back at a core/inner child level and heal and change these out dated stories.

I address the core wound through energy healing, guided meditation/journey work, shamanic ritual, mindfulness and embodiment practices. At the end of our sessions you shall have a series of meditations, practices, rituals and teachings to keep indefinitely.

This shall be your Tool Kit of Mastery.

What is a Core Wound

It is often an inner wounding that occurred after a traumatic event. This could have happened pre birth, in the early years or later on in life. It is something that keeps repeating in the inner world and makes living a full life feel challenging.

Healing the core wound allows for greater freedom and choice in life.

How does the Core Wound play out?

Often as repeated patterns of behaviour that hinder, an inability to get over past events, an inability to commit to a job, relationship or life path, a sense of confusion over decision making, a feeling of being lost like a child, financial instability, loneliness or isolation, feeling trapped in the life you are leading or a general sense of dissatisfaction.

The Sessions

Sessions happen on Skype/Zoom ONLY

Every 90 mins call includes the sharing of specific guided meditations, shamanic rituals and other bespoke healing practices to assist in your healing. Every call ends with an energy healing.

The Exchange

£120 per 90 mins session

Block book 4 sessions £450, paid for in advance

How is this work different to other ways of healing?

Before we agree to work together I undertake a shamanic journey to gain specific guidance on what you most need assistance with at this time.

Everything is created specially for you and your particular needs. This makes the work unique. 

If the Core Wound Healing Sessions call to you, the first step is to book in for an initial consultation.

Book An Initial Consultation on Skype- 50 mins £55- Use the calendar below to book in for SKYPE CALLS ONLY.