Intuitive Readings

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I am a natural intuitive and empath, and am clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant. This means I feel, sense, hear and often see messages for others.

I use a combination of shamanic journey work, and oracle cards to seek guidance on your behalf.

I see a reading as a means of gaining guidance from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome. I believe a reader is helping you to access your own inner knowing. A reading gives you choice, which is freedom.

All readings are about where you are right now, so nothing is set in stone. Change where you are now, and you change your future. A reading is saying if you carry on as you have been this is what may happen.

As always with everything maintain your own sense of power and self. Use a reading to guide you, instead of lead you.

Love and Relationship Readings– Use this to gain insight on one main relationship in your life -£111

Career and Life Path Readings– Use this to ask one question about career/life path concerns- £111

The Next Steps- This is a special reading, in which I undertake a shamanic journey to ask what are your next steps in a current situation for the optimum outcome. Use this if you are feeling overwhelmed and need guidance on the first steps to take -£121

3 Card Reading– This is the low cost option, a quick overview of your current situation, looking at past, present and future trends, using oracle cards only – £33

The process

After payment is made please send an email with the question you are seeking guidance on.

Your reading shall be sent to you as either a word document or an MP3 recording depending on the method used. Current turn around time is 7-10  days. Please do not email to check on the progress of a reading, trust that the work is happening and will arrive when ready.


All readings are confidential and legally I am required to say they are for entertainment purposes only. Which essentially means you retain full power over your life at all times.



Thank you for the reading. It was totally spot on and made me look at things I already knew I was doing, but did not want to look at.


I am astounded with how positive and accurate it all seems to be.


Thank you for the reading you gave me early on in the year. It has helped and guided me in the last few months. Please keep up your blessed and good work.


The reading is amazingly accurate and makes a lot of sense. Thank you. You have a great gift.


I would like to thank you for a beautiful reading. Your words were so precise and the guidance you have given I will take on board. Please keep up your good work to help others the way you have helped me.


Thank you so much for the reading. Each and every sentence spoke volumes to me and in such depth and detail. You have a wonderful gift.