Love A Racist

Shouting unity does not create unity. Shouting “**** off Farage” is as bad as shouting “go back to where you came from”

Lets not become hypocritical evangelists on a crusade that actually means very little

We all have the potential in us to hate and to be narrow minded. So you love immigrants, do you love the overweight, do you love those people who stop in the middle of the street for no reason, do you love your enemy like you love your lover?

Love a Racist. They need it right now, they are afraid and angry at years of something, they need our compassion and love. Throw rage at them and you inflame the fires.

We are designed to be with our tribe it makes us feel safe and with the safety of our tribe we hang out with other tribes.

We cannot create unity from a place of fear. We cannot create a new world from a space of fear of the old collapsing. Let it go and move on and create something new.

Create a tribe, if you don’t like the way things are now create a new tribe. Create something new stop fighting the old and trying to change it, that is the old way. The new way takes all that fire and creates something new. Create.

Love a Racist and see what that may bring. We are creating the world we live in every day, every thought we have every word we speak is creating our planet. So Love a Racist and neutralise the effects of years of stagnant energy which is now coming out to be looked at and healed.

Love a Racist, love the bigot in you, love the part of you that feels ashamed, love the part of you that feels worthless, love the part of you that feels afraid, love the part of you that hates to be wrong, love the part of you that wants to know everything, love you, love a Racist.

With Love