Love and Union

Art work by A. Grey
Art work by A. Grey

The Love and Union Programme is here to assist you to come into total union with your highest soul partner

Sacred Union is the marriage of the masculine and the feminine within us and is our inner alchemy to total, unconditional love and mastery on this planet as conscious beings.

When we come together in Sacred Union we are effectively bringing Heaven to Earth. We are bridging the gap between all dimensions and realities, using our sacred sexual energy as a way to achieve a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of pure love

Our highest soul partner is the person we are here to spend our lives with, the one who we shall be harmoniously in union with, who shall be our partner in love and in service to humanity

This may or may not be a “twin flame” or “soul mate” or “twin ray”. I do not use labels, it is your truth and for you to know

When we do the inner work and clear out the baggage we become a magnet for all that is ours by Divine right

Your Beloved and you are destined to be together by Divine Right 

What you shall receive 

Energy healing and clearing work for you individually or as a couple

Where needed guided meditations for you to keep on mp3

The sharing of sacred, powerful practices to accelerate union, deepen your connection to self, to your Beloved and to your highest self

Where needed the clearing of blocks, past life events, present life obstacles and limiting thinking patterns

If new to the work : A free copy of my best selling book of poetry “The Beloved- Journey to Union”. This contains channelled verse dedicated to Sacred Union and Love and the words are powerful activations that awaken the soul and heal the heart.

Ways to Connect 

Beginners Love and Union: £120 for 60 mins guidance call only no energy work. Great if you are new to the work

Bronze Love and Union: £160 for 60 mins guidance call plus 30 mins energy healing at the end of the call. For when you are wanting to set intentions and get an overview of your current situation . In total 90 mins 

Silver Love and Union: £180 for 90 mins guidance call only no energy work. We dive deeply into what is happening for you right now in your union, how to get un- stuck, how to communicate your needs and desires and what may assist you and your partner to come into greater harmonious union. We can also look at what is happening for you, including any triggers that may be arising. The call shall flow towards the answers you seek. 

Gold Star Love and Union: £222 for 90 mins guidance  call plus 30 mins energy healing at the end of the call. In total 2 hours. This is the big no frills truth speaking, open hearted let’s get to the crux of what is holding you back. We shall go very deep into your blocks to love, union and clearing the path to more harmonious union. Go for this one if you are ready to get there fast and wanting that deep healing process now.

All calls take place on Zoom and you shall receive a recording of the call once completed


The Ways to Connect