Love Conquers All

“Love Conquers All”- I have this up on my wall at home. Because I truly believe it does.

A common theme I have seen since January is heart ache. The majority of my clients are women but I also have heard my male clients tell me the same. The theme seems to be this. Two people meet and one of them feels there is this incredible connection. One of them feels that this is the “one” that finally after all those years of praying and wanting this great love has arrived. We don’t know what (not really) the other one feels, as they remain verbally non committal. 

And so the 2 come together and its intense and other worldly, synchronistic and spiritual and heart shatteringly open and powerful. That is shared, that intensity is shared between them. And that LOVE. And then somewhere towards the end of January this year there was a split. The story stops there. We don’t know what happened to the one who suddenly left the story- are they okay, why have they stopped communicating? I hear from the ones who are left behind shall we say. These men and women are my beautiful clients.

And these men and women are heart broken, bereft and slowly bit by bit picking up their shattered selves and returning home, having to change jobs suddenly or home, riding an incredibly intense wave.

So I say to those who are left wondering what happened, where did they go? Tend to your sweet selves and never forget that LOVE conquers all and LOVE is your divine birthright. It shall come to pass.

To the ones who shall we say left without a word, I say, please take a moment to think about, feel into what you left behind. Try to understand not only your feelings but the feelings of this person you connected with. Un-numb that heart and feel into its’ knowing. Know you are worthy of LOVE and know that LOVE is about communication, honesty and the good and bad times. And know you are loved, no matter how much you feel unworthy, you are loved. Even if you are done with this person, try to end things with sweetness. And if you are not done, if you are scared, then try opening up to what that fear is really about.

No encounter is ever just that, a something to be cleared or forgotten. It all has a meaning. Savour the sweetness of these encounters and then surrender them up to a higher power, to a greater knowing. To your higher selves. LOVE conquers all and it shall conquer this also.

Remember also as you heal your soul group heals also. The planet heals also. So commit to your healing and the inner work. No more putting it off.

If I can help in any way, please go to the Sacred Union Page and see what calls. As you heal we all heal. Love to you all <3