Be real, forget the love and light brigade

The love and light brigade.

You know the ones, the ones who slag you off in emails and text messages and then sign off “love and light”.

There was a time that phrase meant something, the first time I attuned to reiki I started signing off my emails love and light. I meant it I was sending love and light. Course if I was angry with someone sending love and light was a weird kind of passive aggressive stance. Saying hey you! I want to slag you off so bad but now I think this is bad karma and it may hurt me so I’m Im going to say love and light.

Get real! BE real! Yeah I did that and one day I thankfully woke up and got real.

If you are angry with someone fair play then be honest about that. We use spiritual speak to avoid the uncomfortable in life. We talk about past lives and being light workers and sending reiki in the most bizarre situations when really all life is asking us is to be real.

Be real and be human.

If I hear one more person tell me they are a light worker or here on mission I may just go a little lala!  We are ALL light workers and we are ALL on mission. Its all one thing, there is no them and us,we are all one.Yes there are shades of this and that but what we fight is within us. And you know its often those who tell me they are light workers or earth angels who end up being the most toxic to be around

The real light workers, the real angels oh they just go about their business doing their divine beautiful thing wherever they go. They dont look for labels and names to be known by. They are just the real deal.

I have time for the real deals only. Anything else wastes energy and focus.

The real deals make my heart sing, the fakes make me feel guilty for not being as spiritual as them

The real deals accept things as they are and look for solutions, the fakes blame this that and the other.

The real deals are consistent, the fakes are erratic one day they LOVE you the next they are telling you what a bad person you are

The real deals are doing the healing work all the time, its who they are, the fakes are TELLING you about all the amazing work they are doing and how many years they have done it for

The real deals will change your life for the better the fakes will leave you feeling much worse off and disempowered

I salute the real deals, you inspire me every day to be my most real self

We are all just doing the best we can I am no better than the next person and I do not have all the answers all the time

I am allowed to be messy and to fall apart as much as the next person this is how I learn and I do not hide this part of me, its makes me who I am, it gives me my truthful power and strength to assist others.

Be real be you and be true