Distance Energy Healing


These are single sessions offered without any phone support.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, and a trained shamanic practitioner. I have been facilitating healing sessions since 2008.

Energy healing  is the channelling of ‘chi” or life force energy. The healer as the channel is in effect turning on a light switch to the universal life force energy that is all around us.

What can these sessions help with?

Distance healing can assist with greater ease and relaxation, assisting the body in healing itself, a greater sense of inner peace and calm, clearing the energy field of blocks or energetic distractions, greater grounding and well being.

How does a distance healing work?

Before the healing you find a quiet place to lie down and be open to receiving the healing.

In the same way we can think about someone and they can feel it miles away, healing can be sent, as an intention. I tune into your energy field and direct the energy to where it is needed.

What if I am looking to heal something very deep seated?

My advice would be to book an initial consultation with me first.

What happens during a healing?

We arrange a time and day for you to receive the healing. At the agreed time you lie down and stay open to receiving the healing. I send healing for as long as is needed. It will always go to where it is needed the most for you.

Some people feel a slight tingling of energy, others fall asleep, some go into a deep dream state, others find their thoughts quieten and their sense of body and self deepens. Every session is different depending on what is needed.


Please email me to book in for a distance healing- £60 for 60 mins.