Sacred Union Sessions

The Sacred Union Sessions are here to bring you into total union with your highest soul partner

Sacred Union is the marriage of the masculine and the feminine within us and is our inner alchemy to total, unconditional love

When we come together in Sacred Union we are effectively bringing Heaven to Earth. We are bridging the gap between all dimensions and realities, using our sacred sexual energy as a way to achieve a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of pure love

Our highest soul partner is the person we are here to spend our lives with, the one who we shall be harmoniously in union with, who shall be our partner in love and in service to humanity

This may or may not be a “twin flame” or “soul mate” or “twin ray”. I do not use labels, it is your truth and for you to know

When we do the inner work and clear out the baggage we become a magnet for all that is ours by Divine right

Your Beloved and you are destined to be together by Divine Right 

The Sessions

Involve energy healing and clearing work for you individually or as a couple

Shared with you are practices, meditations, rituals and tools you can start to use to call union to you and harmonise your union

May also include: Clearing obstacles to your union, making you the clearest magnetic resonance to call union to you, balancing your chakras, clearing distractions to union and inner knowing and whatever else you may most need at this time.

The goal is coming into a space of balance, love, empowerment and knowing. The calls do this quickly and with focus.

To book in your session please use the calendar below

If you are new to Sacred Union or this path, then download “The Beloved- Journey to Union” for inspiration. You can do that here

The Beloved- Journey to Union
The Beloved- Journey to Union Download here