Shamanic Ritual

Shamanic Ritual is one of the most powerful ways in which we can heal and empower ourselves.
Shamanic ritual engages you with the power of the elements, and your own innate knowing.
By setting strong intentions for what you wish to achieve and manifest, you are taking control of the direction of your life. You are learning to become your own best healer and teacher.
Ritual can be used to manifest the heart’s desires, it can also be used to clear unwanted energies and thought forms holding you back.
How shamanic ritual can assist you

* Space clearing your home

* Clearing your energy field of attachments, entities or anything that feels like it’s dragging you down

* If you have come out of a messy break up

* Are looking to change jobs

* Want to move house

* Are feeling stuck in an area of your life such as love, career, finances

* A blessing for your home

* A blessing for a new job or a new relationship

* You want to honour an event or phase in your life 

What to do
* If there is an area of your life that feels blocked in some way, or like you are not making the headway you want, write this down.
* Refine your intentions, what is it you want to achieve.
* Then send me these intentions for ONE area of your life, we can only work on one area at a time.
* I undertake a shamanic journey for you and gain guidance on a powerful shamanic ritual you can do in your own space and time to shift the blocks to this goal.
* You are sent a word document with all the information you need, including the materials to gather, how long to perform the ritual for and anything else that may assist you with the process.
* At the end of the ritual, the shift shall have occurred.
What to focus on
You can use ritual to help you manifest something you want- like more love in your life, deeper friendships, better health.
You can also use ritual to clear you of imbalanced energies or anything you feel is dragging you down.
The clearer your intention the clearer the ritual shall be for you.
How to book in
* If this work calls to your heart, please use the Paypal button to make payment
* Then send me an email telling me which area of your life you would like to focus and why. So you could say something like my home and wanting greater harmony. or my finances and clearing blocks to abundance and so on.
* I shall undertake the shamanic journey for you and then once completed shall write up your notes for you and send to you.
* This typically takes up to 7 days.
 The Exchange

* £222