Shine Your Light

After any dark time the light always comes. I remember my first vision quest. That seemed like the longest night of pain. Alone in the woods, crying and seeing all my past shadows come back to haunt me. I prayed for that moon to move across the sky and for daylight.

And then finally, finally when day light came and the time to leave the woods came and return to camp, I didnt want to. I realised that those shadows were of my own making and no matter the pain I had a choice in what I chose to experience, pain or something other. I realised how much Love there is out there to be had. To be shared.

Oh it’s so hard when we are in it, but there is always light on the other side. Shine on dear ones. Be that light for someone today, and most of all for yourselves. 

My mission is to help you shine your light and be all you came here to be. Use the resources on this website and use my expertise to come into that space.

With Love