Shouting Love Wins Isn’t Love

If we have to shout about Love, then we are not spreading love. If we are angry at the racists we are not love, if we are running from our own shadows choosing instead to see them in others, that is not love and that is not enlightenment.

Love accepts all and love sees that what we cannot stand in another we cannot stand in us.

So if we do not like the foreigner- we do not like what is different, okay does that mean the racist does not like anything that is different in them? Did they not fit in at school, do they hate to feel like the outsider, do they feel they are somehow different? I don’t know but you see where I am going with this.

What we cannot accept in others or in the world is within us also. We are running from it.

We cannot create love by fighting for it. We must find unity within and when we do unity shall be mirrored in our world.

With Love