Sick Sisterhood


Sick sisterhood

seeks to pull you down

tells you how to be a sister

a mother

a lover

how to be more in your feminine

tells you being feminine is being soft

not strong

because your strength

makes her flinch

makes her remember all the times she

did not speak up

Sick twisted sisterhood

looks at what you have and wants it too

envies your little treasure trove


does not even bother

to ask why

or how

to look at your story

Sick sisterhood

sends twisted messages in new age speak

signs it off love and light

posts a pretty flower

all the while twisting the dart ever deeper into your eyes

your soul

your work

your loves

sick twisted sisterhood

shall steal your love

emulate you

lie to you

trick him

the man

use him as the prize to


Because she has forgotten her true goddess self

she has turned her back on herself

because she has neglected her own soul

her own healing

her own seeking

she pulls yours down

sick sisters

the light shall shine

so bright

so bright

that what you seek to destroy

shall eat away at you

deep into the dark nights

of the unexamined self

the bright light

the bright light

shall shine on your unexplored hypocrisy

and all shall fall on that pyre

its the sick sisters that have made this world

the shell it stands as today

Wake up sisters wake up


Copyright A. Agha