Video Tutorials

These tutorials are a wonderful way to get to work with me. You can dive in at your own pace and refer back to them. They are a condensed version of my in person sessions.


21 Days to a Daily Practice

If you struggle to create a daily practice, or don’t know what one is. If you want to refine your practice or want some tips on how to go even deeper, this is for you.

Over the course of the 21 days you shall learn some truly powerful, life changing rituals, meditations and practices to turn your every day into your best day. You can follow at your own pace.

A daily practice is the basis of all my healing and coaching work with clients. It is the foundation upon which we build in sessions. It is also our foundation in every day life. There will be practices and tools here you can use and re use time and again to feel more connected, more grounded and more in tune.

After payment you shall receive links to a private viewing area on Youtube where you can watch the videos. Please make sure to use the correct email address when paying.

£222 if you are new to working with me

£99 for returning clients, please email me and I shall send you an invoice.

Here is day one as a taster for you to enjoy in full


To claim the rest of the course please click below- £222

If you wish to claim the “thank you” rate because we have worked together before please email me



21 days to More Love 

Each day guides you on sacred practices, rituals and meditations you can use to start to clear the old out of your life, set intentions for the love you want and how you can become a magnet to it. This is a truly powerful course that shall change your life, if you allow them to.

£333 if you have never worked with me before

£222 if have worked with me or had a session with me please email me and I shall send you an amended invoice

After payment you shall gain access to all 21 videos on youtube, in a private link. This is for your eyes only. Please ensure you use the email address when paying that shall also be one you can access for the videos.

Here is a taster of day one in full.



To access the full course at £333 please click below


To access the special “thank you” rate if you have worked with me before please email me:

It is important for you to remember, these courses are to assist you, they are not a replacement for much needed deeper work, and they are not miracle workers on their own. You retain full responsibility over your welfare and well being at all times during these courses, and neither myself nor the courses are liable for anything in your life, nor do I take responsibility for your well being as you follow the videos. You are an infinitely powerful being, these videos help you to remember that and show you how to access your inner, innate wisdom. It is all down to YOU!