Women’s Healing Sessions

The Women’s Healing Sessions are devoted to healing and empowering women of all ages from all backgrounds.

This work has evolved over years of my own personal healing journey and assisting my female clients. It combines energy healing, with powerful practices to heal and connect to the womb, yoni and your deep, raw feminine power.

Every session is unique and focused on what you most desire to heal.

This work may help you if:

You have experienced trauma of any kind and wish to complement your healing with energy work

You are trying to conceive

You wish to prepare for Sacred Union/Divine Partnership

You are experiencing issues with your moon cycle

You wish to experience a deeper connection to your body and your sexual power

You feel your life force energy is depleted

You have come out of a relationship and cannot seem to get back to yourself

The work simply calls to you

How can I start?

Before we start working together we have an initial consultation. During this we discuss your particular needs.

The Sessions

Last 90 mins and take place on Skype/ZOOM only

Every call includes the sharing of guided mediations, and specific ancient healing practices you shall do in your own time to assist in your healing. Every call ends with an energy healing.

What will I gain?

A tool kit of special practices and meditations you can use at any time to deepen your connection to yourself, to heal yourself and to clear yourself of what may be weighing you down.

Everything you shall receive will be specially created for you. And will address your healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

A deeper connection to your body and your moon cycle, as well as your true sense of self as a woman

The Exchange

£120 per 90 mins session

£420 block booking- 4 sessions

How to book in- We meet for an initial consultation FIRST to assess

Skype Initial Consultation 50 mins, £50, use the calendar below to book in