Women’s Marches and the loss of the true Goddess

There is a new tide rising, fascist sisterhood. A pastiche of true sisterhood that excludes, judges and thinks it knows it all.

This sisterhood took to the streets across the world, mocked Melania Trump, made demeaning comments, shouted, swore and called itself “nasty”

It wore pink vagina hats and called itself pussy power. It held placards that said menstruate not menstru-hate and make me sick to my heart

In one fell swoop all dignity lost, the sacred feminine, the true goddess does not go around wearing a vagina hat asking for equality and respect

She does not need to hold a placard telling people she bleeds once a month because every moon cycle she honours her moon flow in sacred space.

She does not shout down a man she disagrees with, she creates the space for discourse and thus healing to happen

Oh its hard because she knows her challenges, she has her painful past,  but she is connected to her heart to her true sexual power and the divine in all things

Her look to’s are not celebs and pop stars, her look to’s are the land, the ancient goddesses and the stories of myth and mythology that she knows hold more than a kernal of truth in them

She creates sacred union within and with her beloved and she cherishes this union

She honours her yoni, its sacred, its a temple space. She doesn’t call it a pussy, a demeaning term, she calls it its’ ancient sacred name YONI

In my whole life I have only ever been body shamed by women. Who have told me how to dress, how to look and how to be more “feminine”. Women have called me “gay” as if it were a slur because short hair and baggy trousers to them meant lesbian. Not one man ever has body shamed me, men have told me if it makes me happy then great, wear what you like.

This is the dark face of trendy sisterhood. Buy some goddess cards, get some fairy dust, call yourself a goddess all the while slagging off women you dont agree with.

At the marches in  the states anti abortionist women were ostracised, so some women are sisters and others are not?

Where were the cries of sisterhood when drones fell over Pakistani women,when Gazan women were blown to bits, raped, where was the solidarity then?

I understand the desire to connect but this is not sacred, this is creating more anger and rage in the world. I want sacredness with my sisters!

Get your sisters and brothers together and sing and pray, dance and share and talk, ask questions and listen to the replies and find a way to find union and harmony with all.This is not a war unless we make it one, this can be a chance for huge healing and reconciliation but our free will determines all

I want to sit in circle with my sisters and Im okay with it if you need to wear a pink vagina hat, but dont judge me if I dont and dont tell me Im letting down the cause if I dont take to the streets shouting. I dont want to shout, I want to come together. I want to find a way forward as one. I want to include all at the table.

Lets come together with dignity and reverence for the true sacred feminine. Her dark mysteries and her incredible healing power. She holds the way.