Work with Me

There are 2 main ways to work with me:

Way One 

If you would like a one off session, or are looking to dip in and out of the healing process at your own pace with no long term commitment I offer the following:

60 mins coaching, distance healing and guidance calls £90

90 mins coaching, distance healing and guidance calls £150

120 mins coaching, distance healing and guidance calls £222

These calls combine distance energy healing to break through blocks, bring greater ease and balance into all the bodies. I shall also be tuning into your energy field and sharing with you practices and tools you can use to start to see immediate changes in your life. The calls are focused, direct and quick, they get to the source or what is causing imbalance and address this in a short space of time. These calls are for those who are used to working quickly, have a grounded spiritual practice already or want to go at their own pace.

Way Two

The initial consultation 

50 mins


This is if you are considering the core wound work or the sacred feminine work. We chat and see how well we get on and I also take some valuable background history from you so together we can create a personalised healing programme for you.

For some the deeper work happens via the core wound work and the sacred feminine work because the space is held for you over a longer period of time, I offer support throughout the process, and there are added extras such as free access to the 21 days videos and 2 free ebooks.

All calls take place on Zoom, if you wish to receive a recording of the call there is an added fee of £3 to cover costs

If you are unsure which is best for you, drop me a message and we can come up with a plan of action that suits you.

To book in:

Make payment via Paypal then drop me a line and we can set up a suitable date and time

BACS also available please message me for details 


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