Hi, I’m Amber and my passion is empowering people to come to know and love their truest self. I believe we are all on this planet to share something, our gift to the world. And often that gift is born out of the experiences that may have hurt us.

So my work is about unravelling the stories that do not help you be your best self, and to give you the tools to remember the truth of who you are.

Sounds simple? Well in some ways it is. The practices, meditations and rituals I share are tried and tested- on me! I turned my life around with them, and have since used them with literally thousands of clients across the world. I know this stuff works.

The more complicated bit is staying on track, understanding the changes that may be happening for you and grounding all this good work. For this we sometimes need outside help. This is my blessed role. To assist you, guide you, empower you, never overpower you. You are your own best guru. I am here to show you that.

So if you wish to turn your life around, if you are tired of repeating patterns, if you want to experience greater love, greater ease, greater flow, greater abundance, then sign up for an initial consultation and let’s talk. That way we can see how well we may work together.

I look forward to that time and till then I send you many blessings and much love