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Hello and Welcome
I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner with over 10 years healing and teaching experience. 
My work is focused on  empowering those who come to see me to move past limiting beliefs and ways and into a much happier and aligned future.
I have created the transformative  Core Wound Healing Programme which combines shamanic healing and wisdom with modern day meditations to heal and address the core wound.
I also offer The Love and Union Programme for assistance with soul mate and twin flame unions, as well as Single Session Energy healing calls, online courses and intuitive readings.
I believe in the work I share 100% and see it to be transformative and powerful. My approach is down to earth, practical and honest.

My healing work has been featured in Indie Shaman Magazine, Spirit and Destiny Magazine and Kindred Spirit Magazine. The podcast channel is on iTunes.
I am also a Law graduate from Cambridge University, a classically trained actress, have 2 published poetry anthologies and am a spoken word artist. 
This ability to walk between worlds and disciplines gives the work a very unique feel. I know what it is to be in the world and yet not be sucked into the illusions.
I work with those from anywhere in the world on Skype or Zoom. 
Blessings and Love to you wherever you may be on your journey.

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