Reiki Healing LondonHello and Welcome!

The moment we seek out healing is the moment we start to change our lives.

If you are ready and willing to make a change in your life, to reach for your deepest dreams, then it would be a joy to assist you.

I am an Angelic Master Teacher, trained in Usui Reiki 1 & 2, and a fully qualified shamanic practitioner. I have trained in soul retrieval, spirit release, ancestral healing and energy clearing.

My work is focused, clear, direct and no nonsense. I do not believe in endless healing sessions nor do I desire to be anyone’s guru.

Please have a look around the website for more information.

And for added inspiration have a listen to the podcast channel or read “The Beloved- Journey to Union”  a selection of verse devoted to Sacred Union and our journey to Unconditional Love here. 


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Clear The Past and Free Yourself

The Freedom Sessions are a powerful and immediate way to clear yourself of anything holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. Click here to book

Unleash Your True Creativity

Whether you have always wanted to find your creative voice or you are already in the Arts, the creativity sessions help you to find and unleash your true artistic voice. Click here to book

Manifest Your True Love

Transform your relationship with yourself and with love. Heal your wounds to love, your blocks to love and manifest union with your true Beloved. Click here to find out more

Core Wound Healing

These are the Gold Star Sessions. This is deeply transformative work. The sessions help set you free from the past, heal deep core wounds and vision new pathways for the future. Read more here


If you want to create change right now, listen to this quick meditation to clear your energy field.