I have omitted publishing names under each testimonial to preserve the privacy of all those who come to see me 

Core Wound Healing Sessions


Amber intuitively knows what you need. Her guidance and insight will open you like nothing you could imagine. The results have been amazing and life changing. I took the Reiki 1-4, Professional Reiki,  Shamanic journeying and Core Wound healing. All of these have helped me heal, guide, and tune into myself like nothing before and it’s been very life changing, if you do the work and listen to the guidance. It has been an incredible journey which I will continue as the results have been so rewarding. 


Amber is an unusually talented healer/trainer/therapist. Over the course of several sessions with me, she provided meditations, reflective exercises and  rituals that were practically helpful and energetically very impactful.  The work she did with me and most of all, the compassionate space that she held for me, helped me in my journey . She challenged me when it was needed and provided the safe space to be ‘not okay’.

Amber’s approach is a beautiful and unique combination  of blunt honesty with intuition and compassion. I did several sessions with Amber as well as a Reiki training workshop and remain very grateful for the time spent with her. If one is wanting to make a shift in one’s life and  willing to do the work needed, Amber is a real gift.


Having no previous experience or knowledge of Reiki/Core wound healing, I had no idea what to expect. The rituals and work provided initially did not make much sense to me, however after having completed 5 sessions I discovered layers of myself that I had previously hidden. Amber was supportive and kept me on course throughout the process with wise words and guidance provided throughout my experience. I came out of this with my eyes more open to my truth, and this has helped to heal many wounds. I think every persons’ experience of this type of work will be different, but for me it was a blessing/miracle to have Amber cross my path in this lifetime. 

 It’s an amazing feeling to be free of my story that I carried for years.  In the last month I have felt subtle changes in my thoughts and actions and realised just the other day that there is a change in me, very deep within my being, it feels peaceful, compassionate and hopeful.  I feel like while I accept my past, I know that it does not have to affect my present or future in a negative and scary way.  Thank you for bringing my awareness to my feminine side and my believe systems that held me stuck.  This was something that I long ago accepted as the way it would always be and never dreamed that I may actually heal! Amazing!

Angelic Reiki Attunements
Amber has a gift, it’s truly a privilege to be in her presence and watch her work. She has been blessed with the ability to heal and really is a true healer, she can see things and feel into your needs and genuinely wants to help you achieve the best. I enjoyed my training with her so much I never wanted it to end and carried on to work  with with her after and continue to do so. Thank you Amber for sharing what you have. 

 For me these past circles have been about so much more than achieving reiki practitioner level. They have been some of the richest most profound experiences of my life, moments which I will now cherish forever and will shape and change my path from this point forward. Since the weekend I have been filled with such love for all things, the world has bristled with energy, power and possibility.


With regards to the reiki attunements I can only say they’re nothing I expected. Having a skeptical and over analytical mind its hard for me not to question everything I’m told, especially about the world of Spirit. However, the power of the attunements and the practices themselves repeatedly leave me at a loss for words. This coupled with Ambers unflinching honesty and integrity make for a truly transformative experience. The weekends aren’t always easy but they’re always worth it in the end. However, I don’t believe the process reiki initiates can be conveyed by words alone. The strength of the work for me only ever comes when experiencing what it has to offer and witnessing the journey it takes me on. So if you’re unsure about diving in, do it! It seems to me the only way of getting anywhere in life that’s worth getting to. But in truth all I think I can really say that matters is thank you Amber for being such an amazing teacher and friend to me as I learn to walk this path.


 I took the Reiki Attunements with Amber the last autumn. The whole weekend is dedicated to those attunements, the medicine of the stones, plants etc. We had several beautiful meditations and I learned about the archangels, which was quite new to me.  It definitely made me evolve.  Amber took the time to answer every question and the weekend was based on communication and exchange between the participants. It was a peaceful weekend and I would recommend it to anyone.


I can honestly say that I know what you meant when you said the Angelic Attunements change you, the only way I can describe it in words is that I feel like my heart has opened.  Its the most amazing feeling to be filled with love and peace instead of worry and fear, it has made me realise how much fear and anxiety I felt until now!I feel like Ive finally got that ‘thing’ that I had been praying and waiting for and it was everything I hoped for and more.  Life is very sweet for me now.I really don’t know how to say thank you in words so I hope that you feel my gratitude and love for you and your work, you are a wonderful teacher and mentor and Im very proud to have had you as my teacher.

 Healing Sessions
After practising a wonderful – and highly relevant – guided meditation which Amber happened to channel and share precisely when I needed it, I decided to go and see her for a shamanic healing. I had been stuck in my healing process for a while, trying to find myself, and my integrity again. Not only was the healing session incredibly powerful, but Amber herself, as the truly compassionate, authentic healer that she is, also inspired me just by being herself. As we talked through why I was here at the start of the session, she reminded me how to be whole, how to honour my own integrity, simply by her presence and humble wisdom. By being strong and in her power, she reminded me how to be the same. The healing was a beautiful experience and following that day, I felt more empowered and present than I had in many years. Thank you so much Amber. I feel so lucky to have met you. 


I had never had Reiki before and wasn’t sure what it was all about. I was at a period of time in my life where I just felt I had lost touch with myself and could not confront how I was feeling except through exercise and diet. Amber helped me conquer a battle I had fought with myself for a long time. And indeed so many other things that I was not aware of at all. She sees the individual completely and really understands what you are saying (and not saying!) which in this busy city and life is a wonderful thing. Reiki is a powerful and beautiful way of healing. You will really reap so many benefits from this treatment, and your energy will flow. Amber is an amazing gifted person.


I first went to see Amber for when I was having particular problems in my life and it was exactly what I needed. Combined with her spot-on insights and excellent and articulate advice, Amber has helped me work through some deep issues in my life. 

Thank you for connecting me with the power of ritual and engaging with the elements of fire, water, earth and air.  You are very gifted and have the capacity to help many people.  I came to you with a physical problem but you succeeded in extracting the story that was governing my life and created rituals to change paths of restriction to paths of life.  I am deeply grateful.