Shine Your Light

After any dark time the light always comes. I remember my first vision quest. That seemed like the longest night of pain. Alone in the woods, crying and seeing all my past shadows come back to haunt me. I prayed for that moon to move across the sky and for daylight. And then finally, finally Read More


Love Conquers All

“Love Conquers All”- I have this up on my wall at home. Because I truly believe it does. A common theme I have seen since January is heart ache. The majority of my clients are women but I also have heard my male clients tell me the same. The theme seems to be this. Two Read More


What to do when Finances are low

Here are some crucial things to start doing as soon as you feel as if your finances are in a rut. This is also alongside practical world things like seeking employment, re fining your business plan, being totally at the top of your game. These suggestions will assist you in the process of calling to Read More